A small, ambitious family

Vector Rideshare is one big family. We work closely to support and push each other every day.

What we’re about

We stand by our commitment to connections. Creating relationships with new people isn’t just a hobby, it’s our lifestyle

The Brain

Meet the group of people that help make Vector Rideshare happen

Our Story

During Fall Break of 2017, Founder, CEO and President Nehemiah Stewart couldn’t find a reasonably priced way home from the University of North Carolina to Washington, D.C.

That experience led to the conception of Vector: a cost sharing platform for students, faculty, and parents of students to travel safely and affordably.

After years of research and development, winnings from entrepreneurship competitions, and investments, Nehemiah along with his business partner and renowned entrepreneur Bernard Bell are ready to share their vision with UNC and colleges across the country.

Vector Rideshare launches October 2019 to iOS and Play Store.